1kg tukh malanga stronger then 5kg meat

1kg tukh Malanga stronger then 5kg meat(Basil Seed)

tukh Malanga is one of the most popular and frequently used seeds in summer. Its utility is immense and many benefits can be gained from its use. Seed milling is commonly used in beverages, which causes a sweetening of the beverage and also cools it immediately in the summer. It is also used to lose weight

But with it, the use of it to create strength in the body is very beneficial. Seed milling, also known as balinga,and also known Tukham-e Reyan is commonly used in beverages because it has a cooling effect and eliminates heat in the body. Using it improves the performance of the stomach. Comes

Seedling balsa is a type of basil plant, but it has a slight loss in leaves, usually up to 4 feet in size. The omega-3s contained in it help to digest the food and also eliminate the acidity. In addition it cleanses the stomach and intestines, improves sleep, improves the immune system.

Today, we will tell you a recipe for diabetes patients and general public who are worried about weight gain, which you can do to melt your fat in just 7 days. This recipe is made of lemons, which are excellent fruits for fat melting, and their use slows down metabolism.

To make syrup, the following ingredients are required: one and a half glasses of water, one teaspoon seed milling, one teaspoon honey one and half teaspoons lemon water Mix all these ingredients well and use them at any time of day. Will feel the power that exists
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