Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

There are 3 benefits of drinking beet juice every day
What can happen to your body if you drink one cup of coffee every day?

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Did you know that drinking one cup of coffee every day can drastically change the body? Some of it is good, some is bad again. So let's see what are these changes?



Coffee is a widely popular beverage in America and Europe. But coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia.And the first coffee on earth or the concept of coffee was in the mid-fifteenth century Sufi's. The use of coffee then spread to Mecca and Cairo. Coffee drinking habits then spread to the Balkans, Italy, other parts of Europe and then to Southeast Asia and America.
In the fifth century, religious leaders in Mecca and Cairo banned drinking coffee. Later, the Catholic Church also banned drinking coffee. The word coffee originates from the Arabic word kahwah , later known as 'kahwe' in Turkish,followed by Dutch coffee Koffie, which is called coffee in English.
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
First let's look at the benefits of drinking coffee

                                              1- Coffee Prevents Cancer

Coffee Prevents Cancer
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Several studies have shown that coffee can prevent cancer. According to the American Cancer Society's website,"coffee is at risk for various types of cancer (brain, neck, anal, breast and liver)."Can reduce Coffee beans contain numerous useful polyphenols such as caffeine, flavonoid, lignin. Studies have shown that these compound cells can heal wounds, heal DNA and have anti-inflammatory properties.

According to a report in the Lancet Oncology Journal, the World Health Organization (WHO )'s "International Agency for Research on Cancer" formed a team of 20 international scientists. They conducted more than 1.5 studies and found that drinking coffee not only causes cancer but also reduces the risk of liver cancer and uterine cancer.


2- Coffee Can Reduce The Risk Of Suicide

Coffee Can Reduce The Risk Of Suicide
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Suicide rates worldwide are increasing day by day. Researchers want to know how to stop this trend. While it is not possible to completely stop the trend of suicide, scientists have found an association between drinking coffee and reducing suicide risk.
Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health found that adults who drink 2 cups of coffee a day are at a 3% lower risk of suicide than others (who rarely drink coffee or do not drink coffee at all). Studies show that coffee not only stimulates the central nervous system, it also produces neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and norendrenaline in the brain. Simply put, coffee fills the mind.

                             3. Reduces The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

Reduces The Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

Older people who are more likely to drink coffee regularly are less likely to have Alzheimer's disease.
One study found that drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day in middle age reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 5% in old age.Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia.
There is no cure for this disease, the condition gets worse as the disease progresses and eventually leads to death. In 7, German psychiatrist Alloys Alzheimer's first described the disease, and it was by his name.
Such diseases are named. Usually people over the age of 6 are infected. Although the onset of Alzheimer's may be long ago. In 28, 20 million people were infected. It is estimated that by 20, the number will be 1 in every 3 people.

1. Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Two Type Of Diabetes

 Coffee Reduces The Risk Of  Two Type Of  Diabetes
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

For 20 years, researchers at Harvard University conducted a study on more than 100,000 people who found coffee and tried to find links to the risk of type 2 diabetes. They found that people who increased their coffee intake by 3 cups per day had a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. They also found that people who reduced their coffee intake by less than 5 percent had a 5% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Scientists at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark conducted a study on rats. They chose some rats that were at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. They divide the rats into 3 parts. For the first week, 5 mg of cafestol was given to the first team and 1.5 to the second team for 6 weeks.

Milligrams are given to eat. The third party is not given this cafestol. After 5 weeks, blood sugar of the first two groups was reduced by 25% to 5%. In addition, rats given high amounts of caffestol improved their insulin sensitivity by 12%. Coffee is an ingredient in coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant known to everyone, so we drink coffee to relieve fatigue. However, drinking coffee at the end of the day can force you to stay awake all night. A Studies have shown that drinking coffee 4 hours before going to bed reduces that night's sleep by one hour.
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
Get regular coffee can make you addicted to coffee

2. Coffee Can Cause Bone Loss

Coffee Can Cause Bone Loss
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

At various times, some reports say that people who drink too much coffee have weak bones. So many doctors and scientists think Caffeine has a negative effect on the body's ability to receive calcium. However, there is no strong evidence of this suspicion. So scientists think it might be because of coffee Drinkers do not eat enough calcium. Calcium rich foods like milk, almonds, broccoli should be consumed if you drink excessive coffee.

There is a lot of caffeine in coffee. Only one cup of coffee contains 1 mg of caffeine, which is enough to keep you awake in the morning. But remember that caffeine is a kind of drug and it has chemicals that can make you addicted. Coffee addicts can cause mental problems like drug addicts.

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee
Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

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